London tower fire can be avoided in Australia if regulations are followed

London tower fire can be avoided in Australia if regulations are followed

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London tower fire can be avoided in Australia if regulations are followed

The peak body representing Australia’s insulated building panel industry has assured  residents of high-rise buildings that regulations and legislation covering the building industry  in this country have safeguards that are unparalleled elsewhere in the world.
However, the Insulated Panel Council Australasia (IPCA) warned that there are too many non compliant buildings in Australia.

IPCA says when regulations are followed, the risk of any high-rise fire in Australia being as
catastrophic as the fatal fire at London’s Grenfell Tower is minimal.

“We don’t need new regulations or audits,” said IPCA chief executive officer Ron Lawson. “But
we must ensure builders are buying the right materials and installing them properly, and we
need to get rid of those in the industry who use non-compliant products.

“This can only be done by improving the approval process for buildings, which must involve
industry groups, that often know which developments are failing to comply.

“My understanding is that the number of developments that are non-compliant is increasing,
and building certifiers may be signing off on these because they are not aware.”

He said calls for an urgent audit into Australian high-rise buildings are a knee-jerk reaction.
“Investigations, while beneficial, need to be conducted by educated, informed and truly
independent persons to be of any real value, not just those with vested interests or selfappointed
armchair experts.”

The Insulated Panel Council Australasia Ltd is the peak industry body for manufacturers, installers & distributors of Insulated Sandwich Panel (ISP) products in Australasia. IPCA is a not for profit organisation providing the only third party Panel Certification Scheme in the ISP industry.

Mr Lawson said the London fire was tragic and extended his and IPCA’s sympathies to the
families and friends of the victims.
“Safety should be paramount in product development, which is why IPCA continually
advocates for improvements to product standards.”
“We should learn from London and make the changes that will protect Australians.”
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